Apparently, I began another year of existence portraying a bolder version of myself. And since Im always craving for thrill and adventure, this trip definitely made my special day way more extraordinary.

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Cheers to the 21 years of existence!

This is actually the first mountain I ever dared to climb; known as the Parrot’s Peak which is 3/9 by difficulty- ideal for beginners and seasonal mountaineers like me.

At first, I didn’t know what to expect. All I know was I wanted to climb up a mountain top and celebrate the good life; close to nature. Its probably the closest encounter to nature I have ever got for the past twenty one years of my life- it was a relief. I felt fresh and reborn. And that is also when I actually realized that when I am close to the natural world, I am closest to God.


Am I the only girl here who feels happy and at ease being on a forest? Probably, not. Its enchanting. The huge trees, the natural scent, the wind and whispering leaves.. they all feel like home; it feels as though they may be talking to me and sparing me some positivism and courage. I feel overly obsessed with nature that sometimes I feel like I belong to the woodland like a long lost fairy in the city lol but seriously, countryside seems a glimpse of heaven to me.


It was all going up and down through the jagged trail, passing down the stream and through bushes, climbing up huge rocks and more singing along the hike. It may take you 3-4 hours to the summit but due to the number of hikers, there was a bit traffic that we even had to sit and wait for the other who came first on our way up to the monolith because there was a part where you need to do a bit of rock climbing with just a rope without anything else, not even a harness so its freaking scary but anyway its just a few steps up and ginusto mo yan so push lang you just have to be very very careful and listen to the guide’s instructions, cause seriously one wrong move and you’ll go on your first and last monolith diving haha, not unless you have your monkey skills and you can cling to the rope for as long as the help comes..


By the way, I just have to tell you about the mountaineers’ tradition on consistently greeting and smiling to the hikers you will come across the trail because they say that somehow along you may cross paths with “the another’s” so to make sure, you have to greet them and if they smile and greet back, you are good. This sounds creepy, though.



Assault to the peak kinda got me scared a little. Okay, so much. Because its too steep. Its an inclined and ragged way up with small rocks that slides down when you step on them hadlok na kaayo ko uy kay murag mai-slide man ko didto. Thanks to our guide who helped me up. That was the point where I just suddenly remember about the Pinoy pamahiin that when your birthday is just around the corner, you are prone to danger.. I was like paranoid that time and consistently prayed for safety, I was even telling myself “di na’ko uulit, ano ba’tong pinasok ko” and realized later on that I’m being exaggerated hahaha. Anyway, all of those gasping and fear were all turn to amusement as I made it to the monolith. Easyyy! Hahaha


Getting there is easy peasy. From Coastal Mall terminal, take a bus bound to Ternate, Cavite for Php75. Just tell the driver that you are up for a hike at Mt. Pico de Loro so they will know where to drop you. At the bus stop, take a tricycle bound to DENR Registration area, also the jump off point, the fare is Php200 good for 3 and the registration fee is Php30.

IMG_3445.jpgFullSizeRender (14).jpg



Well, probably.. the hikers with you on the same bus you rode getting there are also the hikers you’ll climb up with. Be friendly. Offer help or anything for convenience as you would like others do the same thing to you.

These are the peeps we met on the trip! One of the best part is actually getting to meet new friends along the trip. Yes absolutely! Not to mention that you can somehow lessen your expenses with newly met friends hahaha travelers out there surely know what Im talking about.. Hi Karl, Kim, Lords, Charm, we miss you and we will never forget you, it was a blast!


Apparently, they are four in a group so one of them actually needed to ride another tricycle going to the jump off point and we also needed another one with us cause I don’t know, in Ternate they only carry 3 passengers maximum each tricycle. But if incomplete and you are willing to pay for the whole fare, its fine. Hi Karl! (the guy with the blue sun visor) Thank you for paying another hundred for the fare considering that you are lugi cause you are alone hehe bait gyud kaayo. And the whole squad for contributing for the guide’s fee and for the delicious lunch (this is what Im talking about lessening your expenses haha).


We choose to traverse to make the most of it and forgot the backtrail because you need to climb up the summit and go down again which is exhausting and yes, scary. Plus we opt to see the waterfalls. Going down did not have to be sepanx with the nature at all cause of the waterfalls. Yes!


We reached the falls on the time the sun is already setting so it was just a quick dip in the cold cold water before dark. Its not rainy season that’s why there was just a small amount of water but still we were like silly kids that moment and the happiness is just so priceless. I didn’t even bring with me an extra clothes cause I’m confident that I don’t sweat a lot and we did not expect to visit this waterfalls so yup, I enjoyed the water without worrying that I will look like a basang sisiw after.

After the waterfalls, we took a tricycle back to the Bayan ng Nausgbu where the bus terminal is located for Php500. It was a long ride though. But during the ride, the sky is so beautiful and you can see the stars and the moon so close as if you can reach them. The road where you’ll only see rice fields adds up to the mood- probinsya feels.. and I actually took advantage of the ride to dry myself up hahaha clever little cat..

Me and Mario chose to buy pasalubong first and the gang chose to hop on the bus directly.. that’s the time we exchanged Facebooks and contact numbers for future plans and bid our goodbyes. Hehe last trip na pala yon! We immediately went to the nearest convenience store and bought foods and a pair of bottoms and look for a budget inn right after. As early as 6AM we left and visited the St. Francis Xavier Pasish Church to thank God first for a very very nice and safe trip before heading home.

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

Bottomline: Spontaneous trips are the best! Indeed a happy birthday to me! ️


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