Worn out of demanding workloads? Lets take a much needed break away from the crowded streets of the city and unwind with the natural world. If you are an extreme adventure junkie, canyoning in Badian should absolutely be on your bucket list. Check out the VLOG here (watch in HD).



From Lambug beach, we reached Matutinao at 7AM via habal-habal and there we meet our guide, Marjon. We paid P1200/pax inclusive of habal-habal ride, entrance fee, helmet, life vest, aqua shoes, and dry bag. And since we were wearing trekking sandals and we brought our own aqua bag, there’s no need to rent. Its a little help on your guide’s part since they will not have to pay for the rent of the stuff you already have. If you don’t have any gears, they will surely bring you everything you will need for the trek.


For those guides who have operator, you will have to pay P1500; all-inclusive- including lunch at Kawasan Falls. Since Marjon is an independent local guide, its cheaper but no lunch inclusive, but we’re prepared haha. We brought our baon; cakes and water in case we run out of energy in the middle of the trek and gonna need to eat to recharge, so I guess its fine. I recommend Marjon, he is friendly and funny too- seemed like we have our own Kuya Kim and a joker with us during the trek haha. He grew up in Badian; canyoning since he was young. He knows well about the winding path between these canyons. You can contact him here +639 05 1136 902 days ahead of your planned trip so he can set his schedule for you.


 For those who want to take pictures with no other people on the frame, the earlier the better. Cos yup, traveling with less people lets you take good photos and every corner is yours to enjoy.


We started trekking at 7:30AM after a quick recharging breakfast. There were two groups ahead of us but since its just the two of us, we got to overtake the second group. Normally, it is a 3-4hour trek if you are on a fast pace but you can enjoy the views all you want- it is a want-to-sawa kind of adventure, no limited time.. Unless you were up to something else after.


Doubting the authenticity of the crystal clear blue waters, thinking I used filter enhancer? Go try canyoneering so you can prove yourself how amazingly clear and blue it is… I was consistently asking our guide how come it is as clear and as blue as it is, he’s just keep on answering back, “Blessing yan samin Maam, kayamanan”, and I cannot agree more. It is indeed a wonderful blessing to the people of the south for them to take good care of..


“Oh my God!”, “WOW!”, “Woaah!”, “Wooohh!!”, sum up the whole trek. It was definitely a jump after jump after jump and a whole lot of climbing and sliding into the rapids. It was an absolutely thrilling experience that will keep you coming back.. I swear to come back here.. I so swear- euphoric, electrifying, wonderful are such an understatements..





Its like an all-in-one adventure; you do hiking, trekking, spelunking, cliff diving, river tubing and everything else rigorous.. ITS ABSOLUTELY A MUST TRY ADVENTURE!!!


Keep in mind that you have to be very careful bcos the giant rocks you are stepping on are very slippery and always, ALWAYS listen to your guide. You cannot just jump wherever and whenever you wanted to. Ask your guide first before taking a jump right off every cliff.



Remember to take a rest once in awhile cos a whole lot of more demanding trek awaits.. You can also change battery packs of your cameras while resting.. remember to bring a dry hanky and put it in your dry bag so you can wipe off your hands before touching your cameras and of course, extra battery packs. Also guys, remember to always be prepared. Due to the strong rapids, I heard some tourists ended up putting their phones on a container full of rice for drying (Pinoy style of recovering gadgets soaked up in water haha)- yep, water can still go in to your dry bags so be more careful and attentive to your belongings. Since I am an OC traveler, I always make sure everything will go smoothly as it has to, I prepared for this water adventure and brought a Biokips lock and lock lunch box; put our phones inside before putting it in to our aqua bags- just to make double sure our phones will not swim with us LOL its a tip so better be well-prepared..


Along the trek, you will encounter an ihaw-ihaw stands where you can stop by to eat. They sell hotdogs-on-stick, drinks and more. It is where you will congratulate yourself for finishing the first half and gotta be ready for the other half of the trek.. At first I was confused how they were able to bring all the goods and get down the canyons to sell food to the canyoners.. until our guide pointed up to an improvised bamboo ladder where they go up and down to get in and out of the canyons. Suitable for the hungry canyoners- thanks to the very clever locals. 🙂




It was actually a plus if your guide knows how to navigate your cameras and has that thing in photography, you’ll get to bring home good shots of your adventure for the record and a lot more for Insta hahaha



Every corner is just Instgrammable.. you may take photos whatever angle you wish to. I don’t regret not filming most of this adventure bcos I get to enjoy it more freely without stressing myself on how to record a good video holding a camera while dealing with the butterflies on every rigorous part. Good thing, our guide took a lot of photos and got to film some of our jumps.. still lucky haha



When you reach Kawasan Falls, there are what they call 3rd, 2nd, and 1st levels, they are talking about the high waterfalls you may opt to jump off. For those who were too chicken to jump, they can just swim around. But I highly suggest to conquer your fears and enjoy the moment… besides, you have your life vest to pull you up if you don’t know how to swim. I can proudly say I conquered the 3rd and 2nd level. Wasn’t able to jump off the 1st and the highest level cos there is where the people go rent a raft for P300 and go under the waterfalls for a priceless massage. I don’t want to jump and end up falling onto the raft- its always best to go there with less people so you can do a lot..


I will never forget how it feels to be right on the edge and jump off a 20-feet -(or so)-high cliff. It was like you’re on top of a three-storey building preparing for a suicide jump hahaha lol next visit is for the 1st level for me to conquer and I guess for the upstream course- yup, you can choose whether you want to go upstream or downstream, its up to you..



For those who are just planning to simply relax and enjoy the nature, entrance fee in Kawasan Falls is only P20.


Kawasan Falls is impressively beautiful, the falls and every view was so enchanting.. One thing I don’t like is the colorful umbrella tables and the stores beside- goods and meals are too pricey so its better to go eat somewhere else. Its disappointing that this place is already commercialized but all in all, it was an awesome and very remarkable experience. I’ll be right back, Badian. In the soonest possible time.

We are going to Osmeña Peak and going to steal a very nice view up there, wanna come with us? Check out my next blog! Xoxo-


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