It was an hour or so away via habal-habal from Badian. People usually pay a visit here after a strenuous canyoning activity to cool down and snatch a magnificent view from up the jagged hills of Osmeña, just like we did.

You can see a lot of local habal-habal drivers who can take you there for only Php700 from Badian, back and forth.

Processed with Snapseed.

Take time to read these little reminders when you get there and please be mindful and obedient of these ones. Remember that real travelers are responsible travelers and environmentally conscious. Wag puro aura, bes. Wag maging salaulang-gala, ganern. Be considerate to the locals and your fellow travelers.


From the drop off point, it is a more or less 20-minutes trek to reach the peak. And when you are finally there, you will get a 360-degree view of the mountain range of Mantalungon and even some of the neighboring municipalities and islands of Cebu.


Tho we were on a rush to reach the peak as a thick sea of fog is approaching to cover the view, we took time to enjoy the trek and capture silly moments along the muddy trail. Look at that feeling macho right there with the large basket of Cabbage which farmers used to carry down the hills for over few kilometers to the market to sell them. He can’t even lift it up a bit because its too heavy for humans like seriously, farmers in Mantalungon are super humans to carry a hundred and so kilos of veggies they just harvested, not to mention that they carry it by their heads. They are extraordinary, mapapa grabe ka nalang talaga.


Reaching the peak is jaw-dropping. Looking at the hills, they are almost similar to the famous Chocolate hills of Bohol, but more rough and pointy. We are lucky to witness the beauty clearly and was able to took good photos.IMG_8531.jpgimg_0043img_8520

And slowly, the fogs cover in.

IMG_8496 (1).jpg

And by the way, it is required for you to get a guide. It is more convenient tho it is just an easy trek. Imagine how it is to have your own and exclusive travel photographer while you freely enjoy the spot. You can hand them a tip for any amount you can offer for a little help.


All in all, it was a great experience. It is a place to unwind and embrace the natural world. Truly, God is amazing for creating countless surprises out of nature. Lets cherish and adore them.


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