Welcome to my personal chronicle! Life style, stunning place discoveries, leisure pursuits, thrilling adventures, daily errands and a whole lot of crazy stuff… Join me as I go on a living spree  ♥

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Self-confessed Photographer / Lasalista / Cheerleader & Dancer / Volleyball junkie (runs in the blood) / Frustrated Ballerina slash Gymnast & Pastry Chef / Trying hard English speaker- still a lot more to learn (Hi grammarnazis!)

A woman with a gypsy spirit and an invincible desire to create exceptional encounters with the world through walking across beautiful people and going places she craves to wander / To inspire people with her fearless disposition and ceaseless faith in God / To embrace how the world revolves with a smile and a vast brave heart-

Gyp•sy / ‘jipsē / soul / sōl/

Someone who possess a gypsy soul is a person always in need of adventure. Always seeks the next best thing in any life situation. They can be very passionate and often inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences. Their sense of identity is not always sure of what they want out of life but they are determined to find it.

I let my mind do the talking when my soul screams for freedom and has no one too patient to listen to my multidimensional thinking. I write anything and everything my heart feels and my mind speaks. 

I love people who sticks with me despite my inexplicable behavior, unpredictable approach and intricate character. I can count my real friends within a hand (if you are reading this, you know who you are. Love you, sweet peas), and trust few with my private issues and insecurities. Friends are my weakness-

Folks who play nice in front of me yet talks bad behind me are gladly welcome. Keep it going. Enjoy! 

Thanks for dropping by! Xoxo-

To live a life, you should be full speed ahead and go beyond boundaries. Fear no judgement; conquer all hesitations; and most importantly, live by faith in God.